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Ilaria Cecutti practises the ANCIENT MANUAL THERAPIES after a ten-year living in Bangkok, Thailand. This experience contributed to her personal development, professionally, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
After developing a managerial position in sales and promotion of tourism from Latin and Mediterranean countries to Thailand, after learning to manage and to understand an Asian staff and their culture, she reached a level of awareness gaving her the courage to change her life completely.
The new challenge was returning to Europe, abandoning his professional career, social and emotional life after a long time in Asia.
It was time to develop a very different talent that was blossoming: the knowledge and practice of oriental therapies learned at the School of Traditional Medicine in Bangkok (Wat Po).
It was her intention to apply and introduce this technique, the acupressure,  since our Western culture doesn’t  know how effective it is on pains, inflammations and muscular contractures that accompany us more or less often in the course of life. Her “mission” is helping people to find their physical, mental and emotional balance by using also the communication techniques through the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and to make people more confident about themselves and their future.